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Ceoerty™Pet Dog Stress Relief Toy - Assault Duck

Ceoerty™Pet Dog Stress Relief Toy - Assault Duck

🙌 Cruelty Free

🌟 Clinically Proven

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Ceoerty™Pet Dog Stress Relief Toy - Assault Duck

Ceoerty™Pet Dog Stress Relief Toy - Assault Duck

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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Solve boredom and anxiety for your beloved pet — Pineapple Plush Assault Duck Toy 🦆

🐕‍🦺 Ceoerty™ shares your concern for your pet's happiness

In response to your pet's boredom and anxiety, Ceoerty™ has carefully designed the Pineapple Plush Assault Duck, a safe, fun, and effective toy to address these issues. Let your beloved pet spend each day in joy and peace.🐶❤️

🌟 Ceoerty™ Distinct Competitive Advantage

Unlike ordinary toys on the market, our Assault Duck is designed with dogs' needs and safety in mind. It is not only durable but also offers various interactive ways, providing a novel entertainment experience for dogs. Let your beloved pet play, explore, and grow in a safe environment.

🐾 Ceoerty™'s Promise: The Perfect Companion Designed Specifically for Your Beloved Dog.

🐕Soft and skin-friendly, safe and durableMade with high-quality pineapple plush material, Ceoerty™ ensures safe playtime for your dog. Designed to be tear-resistant and wear-resistant, even the most mischievous little ones will find it hard to easily damage it.🐕

🌟Lively and interesting, attracts the dog's attentionSpecially chosen in a yellow hue, in line with dogs' visual preferences, it more effectively attracts their attention. Let the Assault Duck become their new friend, bringing them endless joy whether playing or accompanying them to sleep.🦆💤

🔊Deep quacking sound, stimulates hunting instinctsThe Assault Duck toy contains a special squeaker that emits a deep and amusing quacking sound. This sound can stimulate dogs' innate hunting instincts, allowing them to find joy in chasing and interacting.🐾

🐶Enhances interaction, sharing joyful momentsThe Assault Duck is not just a toy for dogs, but also a bridge for interaction between you and your pet. Whether it's a game of tug-of-war or a shared chase, it can strengthen the emotional bond between you and your beloved dog.🔄

🏃‍♂️Releases dog's energy, reduces anxiety:Suitable for all types of dogs, particularly effective for those who often feel bored or anxious. It helps them release energy effectively and reduce destructive behaviors.🐕‍🦺

🐾Feedback from Dogs and Their Owners

“Charlie, my Golden Retriever, is absolutely smitten with Ceoerty™'s Assault Duck. Every time I bring out this toy, he gets excited and wags his tail. The toy is very bite-resistant, and its quacking sound keeps Charlie endlessly entertained. It's one of the best dog toys we've ever tried, able to captivate Charlie's attention for a long time and keep him happily playing.”——Emily from Canada

My bulldog Bruno usually isn't very interested in toys, but Ceoerty™'s Assault Duck completely changed that. It not only caught Bruno's attention but also became his favorite. Now Bruno plays with this toy for several hours every day. I'm amazed that such a simple toy can bring so much joy and energy to Bruno.”——Luis from Spain

Ceoerty™'s Assault Duck is a fantastic find! My Beagle, Lola, just can't get enough of this toy. She not only plays with the Assault Duck during the day but even uses it as a pillow at night. The durability and appeal of this toy are beyond my expectations, bringing Lola many joyful moments. Thank you, Ceoerty™, for such a perfect product!——Sophie from Australia

Ceoerty™ Pineapple Plush Assault Duck Toy FAQ🤔

What types of dogs is the Ceoerty™ Assault Duck suitable for?

Our Assault Duck is suitable for dogs of all types and ages. Its design aims to attract dogs of various sizes and personalities, from lively small breeds to strong large breeds.

🐶How safe is this toy? 

Safety is our top priority in design. The Assault Duck has no small detachable parts, and the material is very bite-resistant and wear-resistant. Nevertheless, we recommend pet parents supervise their pets while playing.

🔊Is the quacking sound of the Assault Duck too loud?

The quacking sound of the Assault Duck is moderately loud, enough to attract dogs' interest but not overly noisy. Its sound is designed to mimic natural environmental sounds, making it both interesting and comfortable for dogs.

🧼How should I clean this toy?

Cleaning the Assault Duck is very simple. You can hand wash it with warm water and mild soap, then let it air dry. It can also be cleaned in the washing machine. Please avoid using hot water or strong chemical cleaners to preserve the texture and color of the toy.

💖 Choose Ceoerty™'s Assault Duck to fill your pet's every day with laughter
Bring Ceoerty™'s Assault Duck to your beloved pet now, making it their joyful companion and comforter!🐾❤️
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