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Ceoerty™ Bunny Lipstick Toy

Ceoerty™ Bunny Lipstick Toy

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Ceoerty™ Bunny Lipstick Toy

Ceoerty™ Bunny Lipstick Toy

Regular price $13.97
Regular price $13.97 Sale price
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This Easter 🐣🌈, give wings to your children's imagination!

Inspired by the vibrant colors of spring 🌸💐, this lipstick toy not only boasts bright colors but also stimulates children's imagination and creativity 🎨✨. It is safe and non-toxic 🍃, designed specifically for children, allowing them to explore the magic of colors in play without worrying about contamination or safety issues 🛡️.

Praises from Our Customers

"Our little one absolutely adores it! The Ceoerty™ Bunny Lipstick Toy 🐰💄 not only sparks her creativity but also makes our family bonding time even more enjoyable 😊💕. I particularly appreciate the safety of this toy, knowing there are no risks involved when my child is playing gives me great peace of mind 🌟. I highly recommend it to all parents!" — Jessica Thompson

"I bought the Ceoerty™ Bunny Lipstick Toy for my niece as an Easter gift 🎁🐇, and it was a complete hit! She was totally captivated by the adorable bunnies and the rich colors 🌈🐰. It's an excellent toy for fostering creative thinking. Seeing her come up with new creations every day, I'm very pleased with this purchase 🤩." — Michael Johnson

Unique Features of Ceoerty™ Bunny Lipstick Toy

  • Safety First: Made with safe, non-toxic PP material 🍃🛡️, ensuring children's health and safety while they explore and play.

  • Inspires Unlimited Creativity: Two vibrant colors and adorable bunny designs provide a platform for children to freely exercise their imagination and creativity 🎨✨. Every simple shape could be the beginning of a story in a child's mind.

  • Promotes Family Bonding: The Ceoerty™ Bunny Lipstick Toy is not just a companion for children, but also a bridge for interaction among family members 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💞. Create together, enjoy quality family time, and let love flow through games and laughter.

  • The Perfect Easter Gift: Looking for a special and meaningful Easter gift? The Ceoerty™ Bunny Lipstick Toy is the best choice for children, bringing them a festive experience filled with surprises, creativity, and fun 🎉🐇.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 2.2 * 7cm. Its compact design is easy for small hands to hold and carry, allowing children to enjoy creating anytime, anywhere 🖌️🎒.

  • Weight: 15g. Its lightweight ensures that even younger children can use it easily, without parents having to worry about it being too cumbersome for their child 🍃.

  • Material: PP (Polypropylene). Made with safe PP material, ensuring the product's durability and safety for children. PP material is not only environmentally friendly but also non-toxic, making it an ideal choice for children's toys 🌍💚.

Choose Your Package and Enjoy More Fun and Savings! 🎉

  • Single Delight: $13.97
Give your child a starting point for limitless creativity! 🌈 Purchase a single piece to embark on a magical journey of colors.
  • Family Fun Pack (2 pcs): Only $19.97 (Save $7.97!)
Double the happiness,double the creativity! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Get the two-piece set at a discounted price, and let the whole family join in the creative feast, sharing joyful moments together.
Limited-Time Offer: Choose the Family Fun Pack for an exceptional discount! Not only bringing your child layers of joy but also saving more this Easter! 🐣
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