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Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt Ultrasonic Facelift Device

Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt Ultrasonic Facelift Device

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Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt Ultrasonic Facelift Device

Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt Ultrasonic Facelift Device

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Revitalize your beauty regimen with Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt – your key to a naturally sculpted and rejuvenated face. Achieve a lifted, toned, and radiant complexion effortlessly!

"After using Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt for weeks, I am absolutely amazed by the stunning results I have achieved. This has been very effective in eliminating the appearance of my wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin on my face. I highly recommend this to fellow ladies who want to improve the appearance and overall health of their skin." - Ana Hernandez, Canada

"Since using Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt Ultrasonic Facelift Device, even my husband has noticed how much younger my skin looks! For a month, I noticed a noticeable tightening of my chin and neck. My skin was lifted and smoothed - making wrinkles much less noticeable. I felt younger and confident. It has made a significant difference to my appearance.” - Lena Sumler, Arizona

Fight Skin Aging & Maximize Your Collagen Levels!

Aging has a detrimental impact on the skin, including the face. One of the contributing factors is a dysfunctional lymphatic system. An impaired lymphatic system can accelerate the formation of fatty tissue which means that fats are not absorbed effectively but instead accumulate in tissues - hence, can become visible especially on the face. 

Another factor is collagen loss, the key factor in the aging process. This decrease in collagen production can lead to a loss of skin elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, which are all signs of aging.

Reverse Signs of Aging & Elevate Your Skin's Timeless Glow - Introducing Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt Ultrasonic Facelift Device!

Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt Device utilizes Ultrasound therapy that helps improve lymphatic drainage when used to massage the face upward from the center to the lymph nodes near the neck and ears. With a focus on the lymphatic drainage on the face, this ultrasonic massager aims to promote healthy blood circulation, balance body fluids which work to enhance the skin's natural radiance, reduce puffiness and enhance the natural contours of the face. The massage promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid which therefore reduces swelling and puffiness in the face.

What is Ultrasound Therapy?

Ultrasound therapy is a medical or therapeutic technique that utilizes high-frequency sound waves that penetrate deep into the affected tissues. It is often used as part of anti-aging and skincare treatments, providing a safe and effective way to address various skin concerns and promote a more youthful appearance.

Ultrasound therapy can promote collagen production

Applying focused ultrasound energy to the surface of the skin increases collagen production. This triggers a natural reaction that accelerates skin regeneration so that new collagen is formed in up to six weeks. By using ultrasound energy, the natural vitality of skin cells is renewed and the visible signs of aging are reduced.

More of our satisfied customers:

“As I've aged, my skin has grown increasingly rough with pronounced fine lines and sagging skin on my face which negatively impact my confidence. After a few massages with Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt, wrinkles and fine lines were visibly reduced and my skin felt smoother, younger and more hydrated. This facelift device has become an essential part of my skincare routine, an effective anti-aging solution that boosts my confidence and comfort in my skin.” - Judy Bjorklund

“Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt unmatched level of ultrasound therapy has the power to plump up and eliminate fine lines and age spots - leaving my skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. As someone with a busy lifestyle, I am impressed with how it tightens the skin on my neck. Thanks to this device, my skin looks radiant and well-toned." - Carol Downer

Excellent Benefits of Ceoerty™ RevitaSculpt Ultrasonic Facelift Device SO Effective:

Tightens and lifts the skin.

Rejuvenates collagen and elastin.

3 massage intensity options.

Reduces dark spots and UV spots.

Reduces pores and capillaries.

️Repairs and revitalizes the skin.

Chemical-free and non-invasive.

Tightens the eye and facial areas.

Smooth lines and wrinkles all over the face.

Product specifications:

3 Function Modes: Red Light Mode (Eliminates Wrinkles), Blue Light Mode (Stimulates Collagen Synthesis), Green Light Mode (Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation)

How to use:

  1. Clean and dry your skin.
  2. Turn on the switch to activate the device and select the appropriate mode.
  3. Glide and massage on the face from the center outwards and upwards, and avoid staying in the same place for too long
  4. After massaging for 5-15 minutes, turn off the instrument and wipe it clean.
  5. Then apply your daily moisturizing cream.
  6. Please refer to the usage instructions for the recommended frequency of use.
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